Just a quick update on some changes that have occurred in the past few week or so.

A new Tournament! This time Over-Used Doubles.

Finally, a new tournament is coming to town! Surely I can win this one? You can find more information in the Events thread, or simply by clicking me

To join the tournament, simply reply to the post HERE saying "I'm in" and you will be put in the participant list. If you DO NOT do this by 1 hour before the tournament begins, you'll be unable to participate.

You can now train EVs!

This has been something we've been needing for a while, and has been requested by players on numerous occasions, but now it's finally here!

To access it, type "/warp EVs", or click "EVs" in the /warps list.

Be careful though, you can't catch any Pokémon, and your Pokémon refuse to evolve here! It's like they feel bad for all the defeated Pokémon spawning...

PokeDex Rewards - Finally... The help command is actually helpful now.

It's a known issue that when typing in /pd, /pokedex, or /dex, it doesn't actually show the commands you can use, instead, it showed only this:Before 

And now, it shows the intended output:


RogueTickets Discord Bot - Support Tickets?

I've been meaning to fix up the Support Channel a little bit, and I hope this will do just the trick.
The commands are:
-help for a list of commands,
-botinfo for information about the bot
-new to create a new ticket
-close to close your current ticket

You can now BUY Pokédolls?

The Pokédoll crate has been added to the game! You can now buy this crate for a chance to win one of many (36 to be exact) PokéDolls! Each a unique Pokédoll that can be placed down to look at!

Kind of like the plushies, but more impressive...

Halloween Crate has taken over the Summer Crate!

With Halloween just around the corner, out with the old and in with the new! The Summer Crate has departed, and soon we'll be getting the Halloween crate!

I wonder if this one will FINALLY have the new(ish) textured Pokémon...